Two more hours and I will cycle home from work.

Two hours and 10 minutes and I will call the foster mother, to see if she’s heard from the agency about the pretrial today.

I hope there is news.  I hope that the judge is there and heard the case, that the storm on Sunday hasn’t disrupted any schedules at the courthouse.

Part of me hopes that the birth father doesn’t show up–if it would speed the process along.

What if the judge makes a decision today.  What if we could be bringing our Sweet Baby Girl home with us in a few weeks.

I know it’s possible.  But I also know it’s very unlikely that it would happen that way, and I hardly dare to hope that it does.  We will, most likely, be assigned a hearing date later on.  Right now, the lawyer told us, the trial schedule is booked through November.  Hopefully, after today, the agency’s lawyer will be able to file the petition that says: “Hey courts, let’s speed things up here, m’kay?” and get a hearing date in September. Hopefully.

I admit I struggle to maintain faith in the court system here.  Nine months after she was born, today is the first time a decision-maker will have formally assessed the situation.  Nine months might not seem like a long time for most legal processes, but in nine months this baby has grown into a coo-ing, drooling, crawling, squawking, clapping Beauty of a little Girl.. in some ways, she almost doesn’t seem like a baby to me any more.   Nine months is a very long time. Especially if it’s the first nine months. It has been so long..

You remember that part at the end of Miracle on 34th Street where Natalie Wood just keeps saying, “I believe. I believe. It’s silly, but I believe.” right before she sees her dream house for sale?

Yes.. I have to keep smiling. And hoping. And praying.

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    I believe. * * *

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