Up To?

Up to? What is she up to these days?

She loves to help me unpack the groceries. Yesterday we spent 10 minutes sitting on the kitchen floor while she fished out, individually, each vegetable in our CSA share. She was a little confused by the zuccini, and the cabbage got a few strange looks, too. It may have been a waste of energy with the fridge door open, but it was so cute to watch her be so helpful.

She’s following instructions better these days, too. She will throw things away for us (including her diaper, still), and bring us my boots (when we ask her to bring us our shoes, it doesn’t matter who is asking or what shoes we ask for, she finds my boots and brings those. It’s a start.), and tries to put her shoes on her own self. She will bring us books when she wants to be read to, sometimes two or three books at a time–she’s getting more efficient! When she dumps her cheerios out on the floor she’s become better about either eating them one by one from the floor or putting them back in her dish. But she’s not very thorough yet, and we still find cheerio bombs waiting for our feet. PFFFT..

Yesterday she was ping-ponging in the bedroom. She’d run into the bed, run to the changing table, run to the sewing machine, run to the secretary, almost like she was tagging them as a base. It was going well until she ran right into the back of my leg and hit her bum rather hard on the floor. Then we read books.

The “momma” game is going well. She now makes the sound around me, almost frequently. And sometimes, I even think she is referring to me when she makes the sound. This morning, while Taylor was giving her breakfast, she pointed to the bedroom (or the ceiling–it’s hard to tell sometimes) and whispered, “mama.” We will win. Eventually 🙂

We are headed to New York this weekend to see friends and family.  A too-long-delayed trip, indeed. We have rented a car and have many coffee shop stops planned. In fact, except for a dance-thing tonight and Liturgy on Sunday, I think coffee is all we have planned 🙂 We’ll see how Macia does in the car. She did well the other day when we drove down to Ikea to get her a new crib. Cooing and laughing [cackling] to herself.

What do you have planned for the weekend? I hope it is lovely! I’m bringing my camera, so we will have lots of Macia au café pics when we get back 🙂 Are you excited?!


  1. Renee wrote:

    Yay, you got a new bed. Let us know how it goes and how she likes it. Have a fun weekend. We have Andrew’s cousin coming for a spring break visit. I haven’t planned what we will do. Andrew has a day of shooting planned for him–shot gun and then handgun. They will talk endlessly and not let me get in a word. Maybe I should plan a movie since that is the only way I will have peace with their endless talking. 😉 Have fun in New York!!!

  2. Amanda wrote:

    Yes, I am excited!

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