Toilet Seats

Growing up, we had a lot of rules that our parents set down for our betterment and the general upkeep of the house. Always wash your hands before playing the piano; close the lid and push the bench back in when you’re done. Four [chair] legs on the floor at all times. No hopping over the back of the couch to sit down. Close the door when you leave the house.

Daddy always insisted we close the toilet seat when we were through using the bathroom. And, admittedly, as annoying as it was to be called back to the hallway with the summons, “Who left the seat up?!?” I have grown into a full-fledged seat-putter-downer. And I don’t mean just the ring seat, but the top seat, too.

You might think this is just something that was engrained since childhood which I have blindly followed my whole life, but I tell you I am a full-knowing convert!  I don’t even think Daddy has stuck with his toilet-seat-down practice. But having a not-for-guest-use bathroom all to yourself, I guess one can do whatever one jolly well pleases.

So, here are some good reasons why I think toilet seats should be put (all the way) down.

1. It looks nice. No one wants to see the inside of a toilet any more than they want to see the inside of the trash can. (Incidentally, I think bathroom trash cans always ought to have a lid, too. It’s a girl thing.)

2. It solves the male/female debate as to who should accommodate whose potty preferences. “Girls should put the seat up when they’re done so it’s easier for guys to use.” or “Guys should put the seat down for the girls.” If both parts of the seat are down, everyone does the same amount of work, and the bathroom looks nicer (see number 1).

3. Dogs and cats can’t use it as their own personal porcelain water bowl. I don’t know how you feel about animals drinking out of the toilet, but it grosses me out just a bit (but then again, I’m more of an outdoor pet person anyway, and there are much worse things outside than my toilet. Hm).

4. Children can’t play in the toilet. At least, not until they can lift the seat up by themselves. But if you’ve made a habit of always closing the seat, unless they get wise enough to close it when they’re done playing, well, then you know who’s been washing his hands by himself again, don’t you? 🙂

5.  In a bathroom with limited counter space (like mine), you can use the seat to set things on, like the lotion bottle or nail polish remover.  I also use mind to stand on to get into the upper cupboard, but you  need a sturdy seat to do that.  Those foam ones won’t cut it as a stool.

6.  If the toilet seat is all the way down, it’s impossible for random thins to fall in there. Imagine, as you’re putting on your make up, the brush slips out of your hand and *plop* into the toilet. No more makeup till your brush is (cleaned and) dry. Or, you’re taking off your wedding ring before getting in the shower and you reach to put it on the shelf, but you miss, and it lands in the toilet.  What about your phone? or your blow dryer?

I’m not saying that things-that-fall-in-the-toilet are forever untouchable, but eww–fishing your wedding ring, or your diamond earrings out of the potty? I’d rather avoid that if I can.

Deal breaker this is not. And I won’t pretend I haven’t thought about this (probably) overmuch. But still, those are my reasons.

And now you know. Don’t you feel better? 😉


  1. Viv wrote:

    haha, you’re so silly seester. but yes, i agree. i’m a toilet-seat-putter-down too.

  2. Colleen wrote:

    I totally agree. I started in our former apartment, because of a teeny-tiny counter top and not wanting things to fall in (needless to say, I started closing the lid after the second time I had to fish something out–eww). Now we have lots of counter space, but also a dog who gets into mischief.

  3. Daddy wrote:

    I try to keep the lid down in the guest br, mostly. I my br … it’s my br!

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