Things I Miss (and not) about Boston

Snow! (ice)


Being able to walk everywhere. (having to walk everywhere)

We were so close to so many great cafes there. It was nice to just take a walk and end up somewhere awesome. (it was less great having to carry all the stuff we might need)


My Sister and her Husband. But they’ll be moving to CA soon, anyway. (cross country flights to see family)

Warm, bright summertime. (freezy-cold winter winds-of-death)

The set up in our condo. Everything was so.. settled there.

The light through our windows. (the heat and cool through them, too)




My green wall. (ugly radiators)


I am glad to be here, though. I like being on the west coast. I still love snow, but I’m glad not to have to shovel it much here–we can drive to it when we need it, I guess.

And we are hoping to move closer to the city sooner than later, so the walking aspect will be better, then. [30 minute browse for houses in Seattle…]

Still, I will always look back on our time in Boston with a smile. It was a good life, there.



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