Some Sewing..

Oh dear, I haven’t been nearly as good at keeping up on my sewing lately as I should.  And I haven’t even been good about sharing the things I have done with you.  But I can share a few pictures (at long last–processing and uploading photos is a slow process for me too), with links to my inspiration, if you are interested 🙂

So, to begin.

A skirt, based off the obi apron pattern on Burdastyle.  I used a bit more material for the skirt and had it connect in the back, with some elastic on the top in the back to keep things cinched (another sewer did it with a zipper, which is way neater (but I stink at zippers)).  I also added pocket, because seriously, folks–EVERY skirt needs pockets.

I love this skirt.  It’s fun and flouncy, and it doesn’t blow up in the wind!


And the other project I completed before April left us was an Easter Dress for Baby Girl.  I used this pattern (I enlarged it a bit for our 5 month old).  It was super easy to sew up, and I added a few embellishments.

a First Easter Dress
contrasting fabric to line the bodice
(I could make this reversible very easily)
ric-rac along the hem..
(which Baby LOVED looking at–held onto it most of the day)
And, I had no idea how wide our Girl was, so I added a bow to cinch up the waist if needed.
Really, though, I was lucky it fit at all.  She won’t be wearing this dress for too long 🙂
She’s growing very quickly..
But it was beautiful for Easter, and it was a beautiful day, so we even got to take her sweater off for most of the day, showing off her own sweet self in the dress.


I hope to make another skirt for me soon, taking out a bit of the fullness–maybe even making it more of an a-line than a bubble.  We’ll see, though.  I love the obi-waist band.  Makes me feel so fancy!

And I also hope to be making more baby dresses in the future.  In the works is a wrap-around baptismal gown for an older-than-newborn baby.  With snaps, for easy on-and-off during the liturgy.  I’ll be doing a first attempt in a fun linen-ish red polka-dot I received from my grandmother (ages ago).  I’ll post pictures if it turns out.  Also, if it does, I’ll get some white linen for the gown.  Crisp, clean, machine-washable.

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