Six Years

Six years ago today, I had been married for just a day. It was a full day, too–checking out of the hotel, going to Liturgy with my parents, opening a few gifts before they started the drive back down to California, and then packing and moving all of our essential things to a new house–just for two weeks while we finished finals, before leaving for our honeymoon–because we both had roommates who didn’t want to be in a house with just-married folk. I understand that.

Six years later, I still remember the feel of my feet in my shoes. I remember the sound my dress (my Momma’s dress) made as I walked. I remember how Taylor’s hand fit so perfectly around mine during Mass.

Six years and (at last!) one daughter later, I am still his bride, his own.

Such is my Lover, such is my friend.


  1. Renee wrote:

    Congrats again. Love you guys.

    You’ve been tagged. 🙂

    Because I am sure you have time for this 😉

  2. priest's wife wrote:

    many more years!

    What a great photo

  3. Carrie wrote:

    Congratulations! Lovely photo, too. Like you, I wore my mother’s dress when I married… what a lovely connection to have to her, no?

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