She’s So Beautiful!

Yes, we hear that a lot. I am not ashamed to brag about it either, since we had nothing to do with her genetics. It’s like someone telling you there is a beautiful view from your street. Sure it’s your street, but it’s not like you put the mountain vista there.

When we first brought the Babe home and people proclaimed, “Oh, she’s so sweet! So cute!” I’d catch myself saying things like, “Yes, isn’tΒ she?!” I was so enchanted with her sweet face myself, I didn’t realize that a more socially-acceptable response is “thank you.”

Because, of course, biological parents can take the “what a beautiful baby” compliment as a compliment on their own looks. Not as though they chose the specific genes to pass on to their offspring–“Let’s see. We’ll pick daddy’s eyes and mommy’s nose and teeth, but grandma’s curly hair and grandpa’s long legs.”–but the whole looks-like-us element for those families is, in effect, a two-level compliment. So when someone says, “Such a beautiful baby,” parents are flattered and say thanks.

Not so with the Babe. We just plain lucked out. And when people tell me she’s beautiful, I respond: she IS! We are so lucky!Β Perhaps biological parents feel that way too–I don’t know (do you?). But I’ve definitely had to practice my “oh, thank you so much” response when she gets compliments. Luckily, I’ve had lots of opportunities.

Because she is beautiful. So, so beautiful.

And she is our daughter.



  1. Elizabeth wrote:

    It’s true! She is! When people tell us Hannah is beautiful I usually just agree with them or grin, because it’s true! She starts flirting when people come up to her, so I’m usually giggling or smiling too hard to give an appropriate thanks by the time comments come around! I do feel like it’s straight up luck in our case, but it’s really her beaming smile that brings out her beauty, and that has nothing to do with our looks, so I hope it’s not snotty when I agree with people!

    • renidemus wrote:

      no, not at all πŸ™‚ In fact, I was talking to a friend the other night and she said “really, that’s what all parents should do when their kid is complimented” πŸ™‚ love the giggles..

  2. Renee wrote:

    People tell us all the time how adorable our kids are. And it’s really flattering and embarrassing (I don’t know why, maybe we’re just modest). But, I don’t feel like I had anything to do with it. They just came out like that and we do feel really lucky. But, I have a feeling I would be enamored with them no matter what they looked like. Andrew used to tell people he thought Alex was so handsome and he would say, “Don’t you agree?”

    But, on to your daughter. She is soooo beautiful and darling, and perfect. I can’t get over it. πŸ˜€

  3. Renee wrote:

    Urgh, typos. yuck.

  4. Aubri wrote:

    She certainly is. πŸ™‚ So fun to finally see her face. I am pretty sure that I sometimes agree with people and sometimes say “thank you” or “thanks, I think so too.” And sometimes I even just smile and nod. I guess it depends on the situation, and how creeped out I am at the time. Because some people think it is okay to get all up in your baby’s face and share all kinds of germs with the kid. And it will sometimes take all of my power to bite my tongue and grimace on the inside as my child’s personal space bubble is invaded.

    I love the last photo. Such a cool shot. That moment right before she bursts into fits of giggles. I can just see her toddling as fast as she can away from you both after she set back on the ground. Slightly disoriented, and secretly hoping you will pick her back up and throw her again. If only we could really freeze these moments in time, and keep these babes little…

    πŸ™‚ As always, a wonderful post.

    • renidemus wrote:

      Thanks, Aubri! The cutest part about when we throw her in the air is the way she hugs us when we catch her. Those moment, yes, are ones I want to freeze. At least in my memory, feeling her little arms around my neck and hearing her giggle in my ears. So many blessings πŸ™‚

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