I want to write today, but I can’t form an organized enough thought to do anything other than a list. Still, lists are fun sometimes, too.

–Taylor loves quilts. And kilts. And woolens. And anything knit or crocheted. I knit. I’ve learned (and un-learned) how to crochet. I love wool, and I’m not opposed to kilts (in the right context (no, Taylor, a marathon is not the right context)). But for years I have told him I don’t make quilts. It makes no sense to me to cut up perfectly good material into smaller pieces only to sew them all together again to make a big piece of material. Talk about unnecessary labor, huh?

–And yet, guess what I decided I want to make for T for his birthday this year. Yep, a quilt. Like this one. In fact, if I could duplicate this quilt entirely, I’d be happy. I might take out a bit of the pink, but still. Love it. Want it. [Also, point of interest, she made this quilt with bits and odd ends of material she already had from other projects. That seems like a useful use of scraps to me.]

–So I’m making a “test” quilt for the Babe from some scraps I have from other projects. It’s pretty colorful.. definitely too colorful for anyone but a little girl. I want to make it big enough that it’ll fit on a bitty big-girl bed when we get her one. And all in all, I kinda had fun making the top. I just did strips of fabric, with some of the strips composed of several materials, but it was fun to arrange them and play with the colors and patterns. I need to get some batting and binding, and I will use some green flannel a friend sent me as the backing. Should be super cozy for the Babers of Love. I hope she likes it.

–I can’t wait until we have a two bedroom living situation. One room for sleeping, one room for Other Things. Like studying (with a door that closes). Or Sewing (during nap times). Before Babe arrived, our bedroom was for sleeping, reading, sewing, dressing, laundry-ing, studying-when-people-were-over, coffee or ice cream making when guests were sleeping in the living room, and secret phone calls. Now we send our guests to the bathroom (or outside) if they need a quiet place to talk. If I want to sew during the Nap, I have to move the Babe’s bed into the living room (which must be dark and very quiet for her to stay asleep) and NOT LEAVE THE BEDROOM during the nap. Sigh.

–I want a dog. A “waff waff” as the Babe says. And I want to get her as a puppy. And I want her well trained.  I cannot and do not tolerate ill trained dogs. (But we won’t be doing this until we have a yard to speak of.. our own yard, likely.)

–Yesterday I made carrot muffins (from Good to the Grain, a birthday present from Mum last year) and this no-knead bread. The muffins were a huge hit yesterday and the Babe and I sampled a tiny bit of the bread this morning. That was pretty tasty, too.

–That’s all.


  1. Renee wrote:

    I love this list. This was a wonderful post. Do more lists. I enjoy. Never say never, I love that you are making a quilt. One day I want to make a quilt. But, I might have to wait until kids are out of the house. I have always wanted a country chic bedroom, but everything keeps ending up modern, because that is what is available in stores and I do love clean lines.

    Could you move the sewing machine elsewhere in the house? You have been so creative with your space far. I bet you could find a place to tuck it.

    Btw, even though I love our dog; even though we trained her; we still don’t have enough time for her and I am regretting it. 🙁 Be happy you don’t have this little complication.

    • renidemus wrote:

      Lists are good, but I stay away from them when I can because I think I could depend on them and my writing will suffer.. it’s a self-discipline thing, I guess.

      The babe’s quilt is turning out nicely, though I’ve got to fill in some too-short strips, after all. Blah, more work. I like the clean lines of the modern look, too, but I hate the “modern” look, if that makes sense. Haven’t been able to label my style yet.. maybe Japanese (sparse, clean lines) comfortable? Hm.

      I haven’t been able to figure any better place for the sewing machine because of it’s appearance. I have it “hidden” in the bedroom so that it’s not the first thing one sees in that room. I don’t think I could handle it being out in the living area–not in our super small one, at least. If I had a whole corner of a room that was a sewing corner, that might be better, but it’d just be stuck between other furniture–a couch and the buffet, or an end table) and I would feel pressured to clean up the area immediately after sewing. 😛

      I know that I want a dog, at some point. But I also know that we won’t be getting one for a while. I am at peace with that. I know we couldn’t handle a dog in Boston, and not if we live w/ Taylor’s folks after we move to Seattle. it has to be our space, definitely. But, we’ll see 🙂

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