I was really run down yesterday. Possibly because we had a day-consuming House Blessing event on Saturday. Possibly because T had been doing Startup Weekend all weekend and I had to do House Blessing and Sunday Liturgy with the Babe on my own (um, and the rest of my in-laws) 🙂

But then T sent me a text.

Happy anniversary of a successful hearing for our Macia.

It was a year ago yesterday that we knew she could stay. When I read his text all the emotions of that day, and all those days leading up to it, came flooding back to me. I am awash in gratitude, of course, but.. what a journey it’s been. I was exhausted just remembering it all.


It takes me a long time to process things, I’ve said that here before. Maybe it takes me a full year for major life events. I didn’t really write about my mother dying until a year had past. And I didn’t really start blogging about the babe until we’d had her for a while. Perhaps slow processing is a good thing–Entish, you might say. Perhaps it’s just annoying 😉 Don’t be hasty!

Be at peace, I tell myself. Let yourself feel all the emotions–every one. Let them sink in. There is time yet for sharing. Time yet to grasp perspective. Perhaps this is a time for storing up, before continuing on the way.


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  1. Tara wrote:

    I love this, Anne. It’s so good and healthy, even, to feel all those emotions. I also try to be at peace as each one settles in, in my life.

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