New York

We had several objectives in visiting New York. One was to see T’s aunt and uncle, who have been there the whole time we have been here, though we never managed to see them on this coast. Go figure. Another objective was to meet up with Macia’s God parents (well, I ought to say: meet up so that we could ask them to be her God parents). And the other important objective was to explore the coffee scene. It’s never too early to start a kid of caffeine, right?

(don’t worry, the cup was empty)

We rented a car and installed the car seat and left right after I got off work on Friday. It was supposed to be a 4 hour drive (and T kept the Babe awake so she would nap soundly on the way down), but “keeping up with traffic” had us there in 3.5 hours. Wicked fast. Babes slept like a champ and I think she enjoys the height of her new seat and all the wonderful things she could see.

We stayed with T’s Aunt Mary and Uncle John in Long Island with their two kitties. Macia learned how to meow that weekend. We learned that cat toys are more fun to play with that toddler toys 🙂 That night we went to a modern dance performance and Babes loved it. It started at 7:30, so we figured she’d either fall asleep on us during it or melt down and we’d have to take her out and miss part of it, but folks: she was grooving to the music the whole time, enraptured by the dancers and the colors and the beats. I see a sweet 3yo in tutus in our future!

Saturday was the big coffee day. We started at Third Rail Coffee to meet up with Paul and Amanda. Tasty capp in hand, we walked to a park and let Macia run around a bit.

The reviewing of the coffee itself I will leave to @pourbrew, since I will mostly just say that I reeelly liked it.

Great shop, though. With a big front window letting in lots of natural light. Minimal seating, but what can one expect in New York? Macia would have just wanted to play with everyone’s phones and computers anyway, so it was a good excuse to let her look at doggies and pigeons instead.

We visited 5 cafes that weekend. One down, four to go. (Cute baby pictures coming Wednesday.)

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