My Golden Hour

Babes and I have spent some time at the park this week. Since she started walking, I like to get more energy out of her in the afternoon, so we go for a walk–and she walks most of the 2ish blocks to the park holding my hand. Though I carry her across the busier streets.

When she’s happy and cheerful and playing and the weather is lovely and the swings are free.

When the evening sunshine peeking between the buildings catches the red hints in her dark brown hair.

And when she comes to me for comfort after taking a tiny tumble on the playground, and wraps her tiny arms around my neck, clinging to my scarf.

This is my golden hour.

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  1. Renee wrote:

    Love the curls! Good thing she has a mama with lots of curls too. You will be able to help her with her hair with ease.

    I can imagine everything you described. Love the little neck hugs for comfort.

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