Last weekend was good. It was great and very full. And here is another one looming, just down the road–how quickly time moves on..

Friday, after running a few errands, we headed out to see the Babe. It was a special visit this time because we spent the night at her foster family’s house, in preparation for bring her home with us in (hopefully) a week or so. We spent the morning with her, watching her with her foster family and getting a more firm idea of her schedule, her moods, her disposition when we’re not actively playing with her. Saturday was mostly out and about, soccer games, lunch at a restaurant, driving all over.

Then on Sunday, her whole foster family came to our house with her and we had breakfast together and she got to play with all the new toys at our house. We set up her bed in our room, and she got to see us all together, laughing and interacting and playing with her. We all went to mass together, so that she could see where she will be going to church soon, getting a taste of what’s to come while still secure with her current family.

After meeting many of our friends at “our” cafe after church, she napped in our room, in her very own bed (one of her favorite places). Her foster mother and foster sister stayed the night with us, and Monday morning I woke up with the Babe at 4:30. She and I played on the floor in my room. I changed her diaper. I gave her a bottle. We read books, and snuggled, and went back to sleep for a morning nap around 6:15. We all slept in until 8 and woke up happy, ready to face the day.

Breakfast. Toys. Laughing. Crawling around. Drooling. Another nap. More food. We did take a walk to the grocery store to browse around the baby section, where I will be doing some of my shopping. I picked up some puffs, some jarred food, and some apple sauce for her visit to us next weekend. Next on the list: diapers and formula and a waterproof mat for her bed, to go under her sheet. Those should arrive in the mail tomorrow.

The days tick away, and we get nearer to Moving Day, though we still don’t know for certain when that will be. We hope it will be next week, but we are still waiting on some paperwork.  There has been so much waiting…

Still, I sustain a growing sense of excitement to mother this Little One. I am nervous about having her on our own, all of a sudden. Hopefully my mommy friends don’t mind me calling them at 2:37 in the morning with a screeching baby 🙂 Hopefully she doesn’t blow out a diaper on the T while I’m wearing her in a sling. Hopefully she doesn’t decide to exercise her lungs during the quietest parts of Mass. But we will figure it out–I want to be the Expert on this Little One.

I am looking forward to having her with us for her first birthday. I am making plans for a wonderful, intimate party with us and her foster family. I can’t wait to make her a Christmas stocking, and watch her unwrap her presents. I can’t wait for our families to meet her.

I am nervous about the approaching court date. Worried that it may mean we must say goodbye; breathless that we might be her family forever; wearied that it may mean only more waiting.

But we will be waiting with her, as time moves forward.

And that will be wonderful.


  1. Alex wrote:

    Oh goodness my heart is so happy for you it wants to burst. But it is also heavy because I know how difficult it is to be this uncertain about your future as a family. Lots of love. Namaste. <3

  2. Renee wrote:

    So wonderful! You WILL figure it out. In some areas it will be way harder than you thought it would be and in other areas you will wonder why you were worried because the answer is so simple. There will be love, sweat, tears and a lot of fun. There will be so many blessings in this no matter the outcome. I am ready for the late phone call!…You should keep her current foster mom on speed dial too.

    • renidemus wrote:

      yes, I’m sure I’ll be calling the foster mother a lot.. I wonder if I will ever feel like the expert on this baby.. we will see.

  3. Kayleen wrote:

    How sweet – and fun – and scary! I mean, this is so great that you are all being so thoughtful as to make sure babe is completely comfortable with her new surroundings. I know it will be an adjustment but you are going to be fantastic full time parents. I know it. I know you have many lovely mothers in your life, Anne, including sisters, but my ear is always available to chat as well. I would love love love one day for Josie and her to meet. We are praying that is in the future – but also just praying for the best for little ones future.

    • renidemus wrote:

      It is a little scary, definitely–all the uncertainty. But I do think she will adjust well, and Taylor keeps telling me that he thinks things will end up on the adopting side.. I need his confidence 🙂 Let it be so, Lord!

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