La La La.. List time!

–I took down the rest of the Christmas decorations today. [The tree, after a noble effort, succumbed to “carpet” status a few weeks ago–when all the needles decide to carpet the floor. There were heaps of needles on the floor when I’d finished taking the ornaments and lights off. Then when I took it outside I banged the trunk on the ground and the rest of the needles came off, all at once.] It felt good to get all the rest of the decor down. It was time. We are getting ready for Lent.

–Taylor and I are watching Foyle’s War on netflix. We are totally loving this series and we use it as a decompressing-date sort of thing. It’s not so exciting (action-wise) that we can’t watch it while doing something else, but it’s also thoroughly engaging enough to do nothing else while watching it. Sam is my favorite. Andrew is a lump (we are on the fourth season). And we love Foyle’s facial expressions. (Are they making more? Can anyone tell me more?)

–I have quite a few sewing projects piling up on my machine. But for now, I am teaching two of my sisters-in-law how to embroider. They are loving it and are super good. We’ve done the running stitch, satin stitch, a French knot, and a loop/leaf stitch. I’ll share pics when they’re all done. To accompany them on the lessons, I’m embroidering a big ginkgo leaf.


–Macia’s favorite book right now is LMNO Peas. “Peas book, Mommy! Peese!” And we have to read it twice, at least. Then she asks for the bedtime book: 10 minutes till bedtime. And after we’ve read that book twice, she’s ready to sleep. This book does wonders. Maybe it’s the look on the kid’s face just before he hollers BEDTIME! to all the hampsters, but she’s (almost) always ready to snuggle after that.

–That’s all.



  1. MEP wrote:

    They are making more! But I am not entirely hopeful. The last season suffered a bit — the way sequels that have lost their inertia are wont to do.

    Here’s info:

    • renidemus wrote:

      yayay! We haven’t made it to the end of all the currently-out sets, but we’ve enjoyed it so far. My Momma loved it 🙂

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