I think Macia, by far, had the most fun at Gimme! coffee. The inside of the cafe was so small that, with a wiggly toddler, it only made sense to drink our coffee outside. A bit chilly, but there was a nice bench against a deep window sill which formed a perfect “playpen” for the Babe 🙂

In case you were wondering, that coffee cup was empty. We may be new parents, but we’re not THAT silly.. 

But we had a great time, too. Taylor found a mason jar coffee lid and we enjoyed our espresso very much. After a filling lunch it was nice to sip delicious coffee (yes, even after our two previous coffees that morning) in the cooling afternoon shade while Macia played (mostly) happily with whatever-we-had-in-the-diaper-bag.

 isn’t he handsome? *swoon* 

Then we went in search for Cafe Grumpy..

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