I am restless.

The future is a big mish-mash of mostly-certain and less-certain and not-certain-at-all.

For instance, it’s mostly-certain that we will be moving to Seattle sometime after T graduates. It’s also mostly certain that we will be moving as a family of three, Praise God. (There’s still that pesky appeal period weighing on the back of my planning-mind.) It is likely that we will be living with T’s family for (at least) the first few months we’re there, to get a leg up on a down payment for a house or something.

It’s less certain how long we will wait before getting our own abode. It’s very much less certain what sort of job Taylor will be able to find (he will find something. That’s certain). Right now, we’re not even sure he will be taking the WA bar this summer because of some unforeseen changes in his test prep plan. That certainly affects the job horizon.

I feel like I’ve begun settling in to being momma–I am getting creative and home-improvement-itchy again. I want to sew, and I want to take pictures. I want to cook and bake and I want to fix things around our house. Or redecorate them (again).

I am dreaming of spaces. Spaces for little girl clothes, a big girl bed. Places for husband’s suits and polished shoes. A place for prettily folded material and rainbows of colored thread all lined up. A desk with a place for my camera and keyboard where I can share it all with you.

The not-certain-at-all things are all relatively minor. In fact, I don’t recall any at the moment. They don’t matter right now. There’s so much more to think about.

Also, my brother-in-law is coming to visit this weekend. We’re pumped–he’s a riot. And the Babe will get to meet her Uncle Elliott! We can’t wait to introduce her to all of you.. soon enough, we hope, we pray. Soon enough.



  1. KAY wrote:

    It sounds rough. I remember feeling this way when Mike was doing his last semester at WSU and we were going to have a baby in February. We didn’t have a place to live, Mike didn’t have a job, and I didn’t have anywhere to put our lives together, not even in my mind. It is interesting how the ‘world’ or society probably looks at this sort of thing and says “wow, how irresponsible of these people! You should have money, a house, a good career, everything before you even THINK about children.” Really though, We know better. Even though it is hard, it is do-able.

    Jealous of uncle Elliot! I want to come visit too! Have fun though, I have no doubts Missy moo will just love him to pieces (our children do ๐Ÿ™‚

    • renidemus wrote:

      True, Kayleen. though I’m feeling less panicky about the future and more laissez-fair about it. It’s exciting that things are coming, but I also know that it will all be taken care of. What I’m impatient for right now is getting the Babe’s case finally wrapped up (legally) and getting back West. Cannot. Wait.

  2. kayleen wrote:

    We are psyched for you guys to move back as well. I am hoping for playdates, mommy dates, and family dates ๐Ÿ™‚ Should be a wonderful summer!

    • renidemus wrote:

      dates of all sorts would be grand! But we likely won’t be out there for most of this summer. T’s got the bar exam in late July and he’ll be studying here, before moving. No distractions for him!!

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