by anne black

So I have an announcement.  Of sorts.

One of the items I’d like to make available in my Etsy shop is prints of my photographs.  But I’m having a hard time choosing which pictures I should include.

Could you do me a favor?  If you have a few minutes?  Check out this set on Flickr and let me know what you think of those photos as print-possibilities.  If you don’t see any pictures you like in there, feel free to take a gander at my photostream and nominate any photos you like by commenting on the picture!

But there’s more!  And this is the exciting part.

In order to ensure quality prints, I will need to order a test print of each photo.  So if you are the first to comment on one of the photos in the above set, I will send you the final test print (5×7 size*) free!  Also, if you nominate another of my pictures to be added to the prints set, and if it makes it into the set, you will get the 5×7 test print for that photo for free.

Hurry, though–I will only keep the “nominations” open during the month of August.  I hope to have prints available for sale on Etsy by September 1.

So c’mon, help a girl out 🙂

*5×7 size, archival quality standard matte paper.
Black and white photos printed on authentic black and white photo paper.


  1. Susan wrote:

    I like the picture you used for this blog and the sunflower :).

  2. Viv wrote:

    i commented on lots of them 😀

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