Ah, that’s better.

I think the best way to get back into the swing of things is in list-form.

[I will make a rule: I won’t post more than one list a week. I can handle that.]

  • We had a great visit with Uncle Elliott two weekends ago. I got some cute shots, but haven’t processed them yet. Story of my life.
  • I did some sewing this weekend. I finished the Babe’s quilt on Friday and I made her a little romper dress from a romper Momma made me when I was the Babe’s size. It’s super cute. Pictures forthcoming (two posts!).
  • Babe’s first family came to visit on Saturday and it was lovely. Lovely to spend relaxed time together as family, knowing (almost certainly–that pesky appeal period isn’t through yet) we have so much time ahead of us to enjoy each other. Peaceful.
  • I’ve worked out our Lenten resolutions. A list-within-a-list? Why not?
    • We’ve decided to observe the fast this year by abstaining from meat MWF (marathon boy still needs his protein), and from dairy most of the week. But more than that, I want to be better about not eating sugar. I’m allergic to wheat and eggs and dairy anyway (boo!) so I don’t eat those much the rest of the year. This is my time to cut back on other indulgences like baked goods and sweets. Wish me luck.
    • I want to exercise more. I was in such great shape this summer with Taylor in Seattle (nothing else to do.. la di da), and I want to get back to that. We have a jogging stroller, there’s a great dance/fitness studio close, and I have an exercise DVD for rainy/cold days. I have no excuses.
    • So we’re going to start charting our food and exercising each day during Lent. Water and sleep are also included on the chart. (I am totally taking a page from DanceFIT‘s 6FIT program, the dance studio I joined last year. I think this needs to be another post.)
    • Prayer! I need to pray more. On my own, with the Babe, with my Love, as a family. Prayer is so important. The best advice we received during our marriage prep with the illustrious Fr. Joseph was to pray together regularly. We have fallen down here. Daily mass some mornings would be great, too.
  • I am excited to get back West after Taylor graduates, but I am realizing more and more how much I will miss about Boston. My sister and her fiance (they just need to move to Seattle, really), and all our friends here. Our little home.. so much. So many blessings. And yet, the journey goes on.
Happy Journeying


  1. Gina Fay wrote:

    Anne~I love this post, and every single resolution! I can feel your energy through your writing!!! Looking forward to having you back in the studio, and I love the 6FIT mentality. Let me know if I can help you set and keep any personal fitness goals! Best of luck and see you tonight.

    • renidemus wrote:

      Thanks, Gina! It’s good to be back at danceFIT, even though I’m so sore today! Would you ever consider offering a recorded balletFIT video for sale? I’d buy it and use it on the days when I can’t make it to the studio or skype classes!

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