Babers Update

Yesterday, we bought the Babe a new car seat. ‘Cuz seriously you guys, that kid is getting huge. And don’t tell me, “oh, but you’re just missing her bitty-baby days,” because we weren’t able to be there for all of those days. Quite few, actually. By the time we started seeing her every week, she was already two months old.

We also bought her her very own little potty. Her only chore in her life right now is to throw her dirty diapers away after we change them. Most of the time we even hold her hand and walk her to the kitchen (no distractions, Babe). And most of the time, she’s great about it and toddles along, happy that we cheer each time she plunks the thing in the trash. But some times.. *sigh* sometimes she will have none of it.

Potty training can’t start too soon. We won’t push it or stress about it, but the time has come. To sit on a potty.

When I ask her to say “mama” (we’re still working on the us-as-her-parents thing–ah, transitions), she says “baba.” Which is closer than saying nothing at all, which is what she did the first two months she was home with us. She wouldn’t even make the “mmm” sound when I was in the room. Nope. Not the mama.

But now it’s a little bit better. She sometimes does a MMMMMMMMMMMummuh! sound when she really wants me to pick her up. But if I ask her to say momma, it’s Baba. I’ll take what I can get, I guess.

Yesterday, Taylor took her on a walk to a cafe for a morning espresso (for him, not the Babe). She walked a good deal of the mile-route there and apparently carried home the pound of coffee beans which he also purchased. Such a big girl. Gotta train ’em young when it comes to caffeine.

Thursday is grocery day chez Black, and the Babe loves to help unpack it all when we get home. Yesterday, my fridge was in desperate need of a good cleaning, so I took things out, shelf by shelf, and wiped it clean, putting things back nice and neatly. Babers wanted to help, especially with the fruit drawer, which I had taken out. I think I have a dozen bruised apples now, after her game of “pick it up, drop it on the floor.” She also likes to nom on whole (gigantic) carrots, and will pick them out of the produce box and carry them around the house. Cuteness on legs, really.

Also, I think we’re gonna have to get her some new shoes soon. She seems to have grown out of shoes that fit her last week. No joke.


  1. renee wrote:

    Oh come on! Aren’t you going to screw up this kid even a little bit. You’re teaching her all these good habits and stuff. 😉 You’re making me think I should start putting Annie on the pot. She has picked up a lot of things from observing older siblings and she would probably take to it quickly.

    • renidemus wrote:

      haha.. my niece Rachel was potty trained at 18 months because of how close she was to her older cousin, Giulia. It’s totes do-able. do it 🙂 our potty is adorable.. though Babes still hasn’t really sat on it.

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