Babers McMoany Pants

This week, there’s been a lot of moaning. We suspect it’s mostly teething–kid is working on her left molar, poor thing. But that cranky tooth apparently makes it less comfortable to communicate. Even with sign language. Tough roots, that tooth.

Though she knows so many signs now that, when she’s really excited about something, she just signs them all and smiles or grunts.

“Babes, you want some milk?” [I sign milk]

signing: pleasemilktoastwatermorepleasemefoodmewantmore ::grin:: ::GROOOOOAN::

Still, we are doing well. She is getting better about locating her kisses on our face and not our shoulder or chin-to-forehead, which she never likes. It’s easier to coax a smile out of her when I bring out the camera, though it’s hard to get her to sit still long enough for a picture because she wants to push all the buttons and see the picture. Modern technology–what have you done to my light-writing?

Still not a lot of walking on her own, but we are convinced it’s just a secret trick she’s keeping hidden from us until just the right moment. When she wakes up from her naps she probably walks laps in her crib before she calls for us. When she holds on to our finger, she might as well be carrying a stick. She doesn’t need it for support, she just likes to hold it. It’s fine. We are here for you, Little Girl.

But just know that we know that you know you can do it 😉

We found a great playgroup, and our first visit this week went well, though Babes wasn’t too fond of the structured play at the end. Is there an age at which structuredguided play becomes more fun, or was it just that she was tired? I need convincing of this.. it seems awkward to me at this point.

It’s supposed to snow (a bit more) this weekend, so we will take the Babe out for her first romp in the snow, I think. We’ve got a snuggly bunting for her and some cute furry boots and mittens. Don’t know how long she’ll want to stay out, but that’s fine–Hopefully I can get some pictures! Hopefully.

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