Babe Update

How would you all like to have Fridays be the “update on what the Babe of Cutness has been doing this week” days?

Mm, I thought it would be a good idea, too. [This one will be a bit of a catch-update, too, since I didn’t write for two months.]

This week, she started walking, bit by bit, on her own. She’s been ableΒ to walk for weeks (maybe months?) but simply has. not. wanted. to walk without holding our hand(s). We chalked it up to her transition to our home, wanting to be sure that we are there to support her, and so we didn’t push her too much. But Tuesday and Wednesday, a few times each day, she started taking 4 or 5 steps on her own (usually while holding something she didn’t want to crawl with). Baby steps has never been such an exciting phrase πŸ™‚

She is finally (and undeniably) growing out of some of her 9 month clothes. She has been mostlyΒ too big for them for a while, but there are some (of my favorites, of course) that I can’t get on her any more. The end of an era.

At her 12 month appointment she was 95th% for height and smack-average for weight. Tall drink of water, this one! 20 lbs 12 oz and 31 inches long. I’m sure she’s grown since then.. her reach onto our table has stretched from four to five inches–though it could be her calves getting stronger. Ballerina future?

She “blubbers” a lot while she plays. There’s babbling, which sounds like what most people call baby-talk. But her blubbering sounds like a cross between blowing a raspberry and a fish trying to blow bubbles. Figure that one out πŸ˜‰ It’s adorable, no matter how it’s described.

She cackles with laughter whenever we say the word “stinky” (read: steeeeeeeeenkie) and she likes to be be tickled and to play piggies.

But my favorite thing? She gives me kisses.



  1. Renee wrote:

    Two thumbs up. I’ve been waiting for this. You all are in trouble now. Now she is going to get down and test her skills in public. πŸ˜‰

    Annie weighs just under 20 lbs and they have her at 15% I wonder how they figure that. She’s 25% in height. I call her my skinny baby. Even though Kristiana is 3% she has always been 3% in both height and weight. So Annie is a skinny baby. She never stops moving.

    • renidemus wrote:

      Skinny Binny πŸ™‚ I think it’s the average of all kids that age, so it means that out of 100 kids, Annie would be taller than 25 of them.. Babes is tall but skinny. She’s pretty active, too πŸ™‚ Though still reluctant to walk w/o us, which is nice when we’re out and about πŸ˜‰

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