Sitting in the sunny window seat of a cafe last week, glancing outside between sips of my cappuccino and notes to my husband on chat, I saw a young man hanging around in front of the cafe.  He had a backpack on, had ridden his bike there, and just stood around, waiting.

I went back to my chat and my coffee (and an olive oil torta–yum!) and a few minutes later, I saw that he wasn’t waiting any more.  A lovely young woman had joined him: shorts, tank-top, and messy bun, fitting for the warm and sunny Boston summer weather.  She practically jumped into his arms when she saw him.  They were so happy to see each other.

I wondered to myself, how long had they been apart, waiting to see each other again?  a week, a month, a summer? a few days? a morning?

Hopefully, they won’t mind that I intruded on their moment when I snapped this (out of focus) picture.  But still, you can see how happy they are.  Happy to be in each other’s arms again.

When I look at these two, I can feel my husband’s hands on my hips, as he pulls me close to him.  And I can feel the scruff of his cheek against my arm as I squeeze him more tightly.

I never wanted to let him go.. but what an embrace it will be when we meet again.



  1. Viv wrote:

    🙂 amen seester! posts like this inspire me to make my relationship with chris more “special”.. maybe it has just been a day since we saw each other but i need to make the reunion a happy one. love is always abounding and you help me remember that 😀 i can’t wait for taylor to be back and for you two to be better-selves again!!

  2. Renee wrote:

    I am so glad you always have your camera and snapped this. It is a great moment. I keep missing moments when I am out and about. Promise me you won’t separate from Taylor again like this. I wouldn’t do it and neither should you ;-)_

    • renidemus wrote:

      Well, the PLAN for this summer was to have had a kid by now, and I would have joined him in Seattle for the full three months, possibly even abandoning my job.. but God had other plans. If we can help it, we won’t be apart again. We weren’t meant to say goodbye like this.

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