And She Shall Be Called…

Y’know, some people long for nicknames. And others naturally evoke an abundance. 

The Babe is one of the latter. While I won’t share her “real” name online (yet), I wanted to share some of the nicknames we’ve come up with for her. Because, after all, nicknames often become more one’s own identity than a given name. My name is Anne but I’m pretty sure I’ve been Annie since I was a few days old. Taylor’s brother Garrett thought his name was “Hob” (as in: Hobbit) until he was 6, “But my dad calls me Bingle.”  Nicknames are a big deal…

The Babe




M’Babes (as in: It’s m’BABES!!)


Babers McBaberPants

Babers Mc-Chocolate-Pants (no, this has nothing to do with poo)

Squiggly Worm

Moose Child


Cranky Pants


Snuggles the Babe


Squeaks McGee

Li’l Pudding

Piece of Popcorn

Squinchy Face (because of how she smiles)

Sweets (this is what my Dad calls her–I loveses it)

Woe Child (only when she’s fussing)

Moan Alotta (sometimes Moan Alisa)

Which one is your favorite?


  1. kayleen wrote:

    It’s funny – before I ever had babies I remember some people complaining about how you shouldn’t name your kid something just to use a nickname. Like, if you like a name you should just call your child that. I don’t recall if I really agreed or not. But, once I had a baby I figured out real fast that nick names come naturally to parents! They really do! I mean, they just roll off the tongue. You’re right, some names invite more nicknames than others…but I think with any name, you are going to have little terms of endearment. I love ALL the babe’s little nicknames…but wow, some of yours for her are very creative! But, I’m not surprised, you being you and Taylor being Taylor 🙂 I think, of this list, Baby love and Squeaks are my favs 😉

    • renidemus wrote:

      I admit my favorite is probably Babers.. closely followed by my Daddy’s: Sweets. I don’t think he calls any of his other grand daughters Sweets. makes me smile to remember him saying it..

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