Almost 20, Brought to You by Instagram

So, I joined Instagram. If you follow my tweets or know me on facebook, you’ve certainly seen my pictures. And even though I haven’t been blogging, I do send these pictorial updates into the Interwebs on a fairly regular basis. That’s good, right?

On that note, and in the “Babe updates” category, this post is brought to you by my (admittedly not-high-quality) Instagram photos. If I’m honest with my photo-processing lag, they are the most updated pics we have of her 🙂

She is 19 months old, almost 20. Next month, after her check-up, we will see how big she’s gotten. All we know right now is that her reach has gotten far too long. We can’t keep anything on the dining table now, and we are running out of higher shelves to move things to..

Father’s day–our first “live” father’s day. Spent with a picnic at the park, kicking and throwing her “bah” around, wrastling with Daddy on the grass, and making treks to the water fountain (her favorite).

Fourth of July. We had a lazy day because 1) it was hot and 2) since I had the day off Taylor used the whole day for studying while I watched the Babers. She napped happily in the afternoon while I sewed her this little patriotic romper. And I’m pretty happy with it, if I do say so.

playing with a (very nice) friend's phone
After a Tucson wedding in June, Macie and I headed to California to meet most of her cousins. We had a grand time, mostly, at airports, in the sand and sunshine, and traveling in the car.

She successfully learned (after many times pulling over, telling her no, and leaning back to buckle it), that it’s NOT ok to unbuckle the top clip of her car seat until we are stopped and ready to get out. She seems to be doing well, now. When we do drive (which is seldom, really) she waits until we unbuckle and then looks at us while she does it, to make sure it’s ok.
(also, first taste of In-N-Out Burger! woo!)

On a route we frequent (for the Best Espresso in Brookline), there are several residential blocks with little gated entries to all the houses. Macia loves to open the gates, go inside, and putter around in the enclosed space while we wait outside. Open the gate, pretend to come out, just kidding, Mom!, scamper back in, WILD GIGGLES. Next time, I’m bringing a chair to sit in while she plays..

And speaking of cafes, she is well-seasoned. A woman of the [cafe] world, as it were. She loves the little espresso spoons, sipping her water through a little straw, getting her own (tiny) cup of steamed milk, and nibbling the goodies we get.

This time, we picked flowers on the way there.
(her sniffing flowers is so sweet!)

Recently I gave her a little ring sling I made for our “future children” years ago.. three years ago, actually. I put it away, safely in my hope chest, waiting for a Little One of Our Own to be able to use it. The other day, Macia wore her dolly all the way to Fixe in the sling. It was cute, especially when she would pat the baby and sway back and forth.

(and yes, she LOVES umbrellas. Calls them “bl-ell-las”)

I made popsicles for warm days. At first, she didn’t really know what to do with them and Viv and I had to teach her how to lick them (yes, hilarious). She still doesn’t like biting them, but she’ll learn. She devoured this one (pina colada: coconut milk, vanilla, and pineapple juice. Yum!)

And she falls asleep. Because, she would be tired! For this sleep-loving (ahem, addicted) mama, I think she wakes up far too early. But she sleeps almost 10 hours each night, solid. I know. I am spoiled–you can say it; you can be jealous. But I’m still sleepy..

She’s pretty sweet, though, isn’t she?


  1. kayleen wrote:

    Awe. Love the updates! She is growing and learning so much. I’m impressed she can undo her carseat buckle. Josie can hook hers in but not unbuckle yet!

  2. renidemus wrote:

    Well, the shoulder clip is (strangely) remarkably easy to un-do in ours.. She still hasn’t figured out the lap buckle, thank goodness. That kid.. I think she wakes up in the morning thinking about buckles. Firs thing she does 🙂

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