16ish Months

You may have been looking for an update on the Babers on Good Friday. I’m sorry if you were disappointed. Maybe this will make up for it. Let’s do it in list form. #yaylists!

  • She is 99th percentile for head circumference. Taking after Dada on that front.. 87th% for height, and 60% for weight, so she’s “evening out” a bit. Still tall and slim, though 🙂 Her pants are starting to get too short.
  • She got three shots, but she was a champ. It was so much better than her 12 mo shots. Goodness. I tear up just remembering those.. poor thing. That seems like a long time ago.
  • Developmentally she’s ahead of the game. She’s got lots of words (between vocalizing and signing) and she communicates well. She’s practically running everywhere and wants to put her own shoes on all. the. time.
  • She’s shown some interest in the potty. Not the “let’s start to potty train her” interest, but she is interested when we are in the bathroom and is happy to sit on her little potty (for a few seconds) and she points in the pot. Yes, that’s where the potty goes. Baby steps.
  • She’s climbing on everything! If you want to start your kid in rock climbing, now is the time to get them interested. You should see some of the hand-holds she does in the crevices of our couch.. impressive.
  • Her babbling is more and more conversational. She tells us all manner of stories that I only wish we could understand.
  • She likes to “help” us in the kitchen. She will hang up the utensils on our kitchen card (except the ladle, the hole’s too small for her to manage) and takes them off and “cooks” on the floor–scraping and stirring right on the floor. I will let you believe that I do wash all her cooking tools before I use them, m’kay?
  • Still loves to be worn, but it’s nearly impossible for me to have her on the front for any length of time these days. But now that it’s getting warmer (yay!) I can wear her on my back without worrying about her being cold. She loves it up there–she can see what’s going on better, anyway.

Big things ahead. Today was our last agency visit for the adoption placement, and we are all set to file for finalization on May 1. Hopefully it is a speedy-ish process.

Also, I will be on adoption leave starting May 1 (for 8 weeks)! I cannot wait. Even though I only work part time, even though she has an awesome time with her Dada while I’m gone, even though she doesn’t seem to mind (most days), I’m tired of leaving. I wanna be there with her. I wanna be at home.

Hurry up, May!


  1. Renee wrote:

    Such a good update. I needed happiness like this today. 🙂

  2. Aubri wrote:

    Happy day! 🙂

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