We came home from New York and set up Macia’s new crib (which we picked up the week before) and wiggled it into a temporary spot in our bedroom. Just for that first night. It was definitely time to get her a new crib. If she slept with her legs straight (which she doesn’t) her toes touched one end and her head touched the other in her old bed.

I admit that I like rearranging furniture, but we have a lot of it, and it’s sometimes tricky figuring out a workable arrangement in such a small space. The next day my sister and her fiance came over to hang out and Viv and I configured the bedroom. We’re happy with it. (The living room’s a little cramped, though. We need to deport a chair to a new home..). Also, her quilt looks fabulous!

The changing pad is now directly below our icon corner in the bedroom, and once she’s fresh and clean we stand her up and let her kiss the icons one by one. It’s pretty cute. Such a good Byzantine Babe!

We got the Sniglar crib from Ikea. I wanted the Somnat crib in bright green (oh, that would have looked good against our dark blue wall)… but the US has revised its crib standards so Ikea had to pull the Somnat from stores here. Boo! Yes, I should be able to paint my unfinished crib green, but what a bother. That will probably have to wait until we’re back on the west coast with a yard or a porch to paint it on.

Still, it’s a good solid crib and I like how minimalist it is. Her quilt fits perfectly on the mattress and she likes to do laps around the inside when she wakes up. She also likes to play peek a boo with the rails.

Finally, is anyone opposed to a week of pictures of Macia for Holy Week? Parenting has definitely taught us a lot about sacrifice, though we are still new comers to this area of experience. She’s been a good teacher in her short time with us…


  1. Aunt Patti wrote:

    I believe that being a parent teaches one about God’s love in a way no other lesson can 🙂 And we continue to learn lessons with our children…

  2. kayleen wrote:

    Hey Macia! You big girl you!

    (So mama; does she sleep all night these days? I just have to say how Josie has been sleeping *almost* soundly through the night since we moved her crib into Louisa’s room. I didn’t think it was possible since it took Louisa 2 years to sleep through the night! Anyway, now Josie pretty much loves her crib now and barely fusses when we put her in to go to sleep. Though there are many-a-night where I just pick her up and rock her for a while just because I’m sad that she is already growing up too fast :/

  3. kayleen wrote:

    I would be totally fine with a week of pictures of the girl! Would also love to see some pics of your re-arranged apartment! I remember your little place in Spokane. It was so cute seeing how you arranged that place – Seemed like you were an expert at small space management!

  4. Renee wrote:

    Yay for parental sacrifice! It’s so strangely fulfilling. I envy you all who have children who sleep through the night. Neither of my girls sleep through the night. I don’t know what to do! Last night Annie was up for several hours on the attack. She was just not able to settle. Kristiana wakes up all night too wanting someone to sleep with her, or her ear hurts. If only I could get Annie and Kristiana to sleep in the same bed and comfort each other. I may try this next.

    Macie looks so sweet in her bed with that bright colored bed spread. I think you ought to paint her bed, bit-by-bit, multi-colored, just like the bedspread. You might need to investigate what paint is safe for crib painting. Kids like to chew on crib rails you know.

    Yes, more pictures of Macie are always welcome!

  5. renidemus wrote:

    Macia does sleep through the night. I think one of the primary differences between breastfed, co-sleeping babies and formula/crib babies is that the latter sleep through the night much sooner. This is a blessing and a curse. We wanted to breastfeed and co-sleep, but we weren’t allowed to do one and Macia refused to try the other. I’ll leave you to guess which is which.

    So yes, with the exception of the first month she was with us (which, looking back, was all transition-related), she sleeps through the night quite soundly. Asleep between 8 and 9, awake between 6 and 7. Perhaps we are spoiled, but the grass is always greener…

  6. I’ve been stalking the green Somnat crib for a little while now. I popped into an Ikea the other day and they said they thought it would be available in the US in August, so now I am trying to decide if I can wait to buy a crib until then. My baby is due in mid-August. LOL But it’s such a cute crib.

    I considered getting the unfinished one like you but they were out of that one in our store b/c so many people had the same idea to paint it. Oh well.

    • renidemus wrote:

      Yeah, I haven’t decided if I really want to paint the Sniglar yet.. I know it will have to wait until after we move, but the natural wood is kinda of growing on me. I do love the green, though. Oh, how I love lime green 🙂

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