What Macie Says

Her language is exploding. She went straight from two word sentences (Daddy sit. Mommy eat.) to whole paragraphs. Her first long sentence was (furiously) “NO WADDO READ BOOK!” (don’t want to read books). If she’s really set on not doing something, it comes out “NO WADDO WADDO WADDO WADDO !!”

She’s added pronouns quite adeptly. Mah Daddy. Mah turn. Ah (I) see. And she’s telling stories like never before. If she doesn’t know the word, she acts it out. Particularly hilarious are stories where she has fallen down, someone hurt her, or something was thrown or was flying. “Ah dump (jump) *points to knee* Down! *starts crying*” Oh, did you hurt your knee when you were jumping? “Yeash..” *sniffle*

If she’s telling a funny story, she’ll laugh after she tells it and then say “das (that’s) funny” trailing out the eee sound at the end. Such a comic. Her laugh is infectious.

In the morning we make a pot of tea and sit on the floor in the living room to say prayers. Macie likes to count the tea cups. Mommy, Daddy, Me-see (Macie).

When the timer on the tea kettle beeps she informs us “tea up!”

All of her words are cute, but here are some of the best.

Moonie (movie). She says this one with relish, high voice, bright eyes, raised eyebrows. Always a question. “Moonie?!?!!”

Keenah (Caellainne–her auntie)

Caahming (coming). Said most emphatically when anyone is going out. Or when Daddy is going on a run, in which case she adds “faff-faff?” because she likes it when “Bammy” (Bonnie, the dog) runs with them.

Hawp (help)


Cody (cold, as in cold-y; or cozy). Mama, CODY!

Hode-ooh (hold you). Mama, hold you! when she wants to be picked up.

Ceeking (cooking)

keekee (cookie)

Of course, my favorite thing to hear is “Mommieeee!!” as she wraps her sweet arms around my neck and holds on so tight. Such sweetness..


  1. Caitlin E wrote:

    That last photo of Macie is stunning. Absolutely beautiful!

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