We Will Keep Hope

Beautiful words from a dear friend…

“I look forward to the day when the 3 of you come to the ranch on a beautiful summer’s day filled with sunshine, puffy clouds in a clear blue sky, the air filled with ladybugs + dragonflies and meadowlarks dancing overhead. We’ll look down to see the alpacas eating grain from her hand and smile at her adorable little giggle — and fondly remember this day in the not too distant past when we dreamt about that very visit.”

Let it be so, Lord. 


  1. kayleen wrote:

    I feel like i might know who this friend is :)What a keeper.

    Lovely sentiments. Some are so good at saying the right thing in such a heartfelt manner.

    Let it be so, Lord, Indeed!!

    • renidemus wrote:

      Yes.. it’s always a gift to have friends who can convey hope and wonderful things the right way. Words are so powerful 🙂 Hooray for friends!! (also, yes, I think you do know who she is) 🙂

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