The Obligatory Resolutions Post

Do these make sense to you? I think I mostly know what I mean as I list them here. We shall see.

A friend of mind said that the New Year is no magical time for making resolutions, and that sometimes, it’s just setting oneself up for failure.

I agree with her, I think. Mostly 🙂 There are so many New Year’s for me throughout each year–January 1, post-Lenten-fast Easter Sunday (my favorite!), Byzantine new year (September 1), Roman Catholic new year (First Sunday of Advent), and of course, Christmas day. A new beginning for creation itself..

So this is as good a new year as any this year to state a few hopefuls. “When in Rome..”

Fast more, and better-ly (there is nothing like a good, strict fast)

–and Feast more (there is also nothing like a good feast–after a fast!)

Turn the Music Up

–Keep myself in stitches (sewing stitches, at least)

Chase the light

–Pray always, especially in the morning

–And Pray again.

–I want to be more bold in my fashion this year. Bright yellow leggings? Why not?!

–Sugar 😛 (you don’t own me)

–More piggies

what are you hoping to do this year?

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