Climb Every.. Chair

Today we’re heading up to Macia’s 16 month check up. Yes, the kid is 16 months old.. is that crazy to anyone else? I’ll have growth and other update things tomorrow for those of you who are curious. All I know is this: she has grown so much.

She’s started climbing. Her first conquest was my rocking chair in the bedroom. She loves that chair. Every.single.night, that’s where I rock her to sleep. When she wakes up at night, I rock her back to sleep in it. In the morning, and before naps, it’s a spot for quiet and books and snuggles. It’s cozy warm–right next to the radiator–and we have spent many still hours there together.

Isn’t she so proud of herself?

If you give her a book, she will  look through it in her lap and ask for another one. She likes to keep me company here when I sew (though if she’s tired, she prefers sitting on my lap while I sew).

She’s also started trying to climb onto the bed from the rocking chair and that’s cheating.. she’s got to figure out how to get on the bed on her own, first. Which she did this week.

She has grown and changed so much over the past 5 months with us. My philosophy professor in undergrad told us that it takes 6 months to change your story. If there are big changes, he said, don’t expect them to “take” until at least 6 months have past. I feel like our changing into a family is getting closer. Yes we are family, but there’s that becoming thing. We are still not all the way quite yet.

And so, I am holding out hopes that I will be “momma” before too long. Not that “bapbap” whispered from those lovely little lips isn’t adorable, but I want to be momma. I’ve always wanted to be momma.

Patience… patience.

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