Rejoice, Always

Well, where should we begin? Perhaps 2020? Looks like the last letter that *actually* made it out was the end of 2019.

Rejoice in the Lord always: again I will say, Rejoice.

Phil 4:4

2020 Thematic Recap:

Anne: managed to raise a puppy and homeschool Mace while keeping the household together and functioning as the remodel was finished. She thoroughly enjoyed tiling the entryway and the kitchen backsplash, but she still doesn’t like grouting.

Taylor: first, he went stir-crazy during the social deprivation of the lockdown (we canceled 17 social engagements when the lockdowns were first announced) but after a few months settled into the new normal and thoroughly enjoyed the rich family time. 2020 was a particularly great year for trail running (as there wasn’t much else to do). Over the course of the year, he ran over 1000 miles and 100K feet of vertical gain. One memorable route was a fastpack from Darrington to Stehekin with some good friends. Pictures here:

When the pandemic hit, the Invention Science Fund had just kicked off a series of Invention Sessions. In early February, Taylor was in Cambridge and London recording and running invention sessions with several academics and researchers, returning just before the world shut down. During the remainder of the year, it became clear we would not raise a 4th fund, and the heavy operational work of launching our remaining startups, preparing our massive IP portfolio, and the remainder of the Fund for carry provided many extra hours of maker time.

Macie: 2020 was a boring year with nothing to do. She valiantly muscled through online tap classes and music lessons. And math with mom at home. Thank goodness for movie marathons.

Nutmeg: We started 2020 with a chocolate lab named Nutmeg whom we brought home on Christmas Eve 2019. She’s been a bundle of joy, energy, love, and care through the pandemic and the emotional ups and downs of being human.

Seward Park House: we were in the midst of a remodel (added 500 square feet to the kitchen, refinished the study to a real guest room, new siding, windows, electrical, plumbing, insulation, and refinished the floors). It’s been a joy living in a space we’ve had such great creative control over, and we’d love to have you over.

Fostering: at the end of 2020, we brought home a lively 8-year-old girl named AJ to serve as a bridge home back to her birth family.

2021 Thematic Recap:

In 2021 we were able to travel much more. In February, we flew to Oklahoma for Taylor’s sister’s wedding and ended up having an impromptu family reunion week while the snow and ice grounded all flights home. In April, Taylor accepted a position at Microsoft in the Office of the CTO (OCTO), and two days later, Mia Mae came to live with us. We piled the whole crew (two parents, three girls, and Nutmeg) into the car and drove to Santa Cruz to spend a week at the beach with Annie’s sister and her family. In May, we got to fly to Indiana for another beautiful wedding and visits with good friends. As the pandemic chaos and lockdown relaxed, summertime was full of walks to the lakes (both Washington and Chelan) for swimming and picnics, camping, outdoor gatherings at the house, and soaking up as much sunshine as we could.

In the fall, Annie was schooling all three girls at home (whoa!), Taylor was thriving in his new role, and Nutmeg utterly loved having all her people with her so much. October saw us cidering in Chattaroy, WA at Taylor’s parent’s new farmstead, with peaceful views for days. In November, we vacationed in Maui and celebrated our brother-in-law’s retirement from the Navy (after 25 years!) in the Mojave Desert with a Top Gun-worthy flyby and bonfire in a dry lakebed. By the end of the year, Mia’s placement became permanent, and we baptized her on the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe. Her adoption was finalized the following month.

And at last, to more current events: 2022:

Macie (12 yo) is glad to have a permanent sister… most of the time. In March, we brought Zakim home while his family (Annie’s sister) is in Italy for a few years. He & Nutmeg get along well, though the cats are less excited. Summertime was full of camping & sunny weather & swimming & time with friends. In the fall, we fled the country with Annie’s dad to spend three weeks in Italy & saw many beautiful things. At the end of October, we joyfully moved AJ (9 yo) home with her birth family! We get to see AJ each week, & it’s been a blessing to maintain our relationship with her. Taylor has been accepted as a Byzantine diaconate candidate (a 4 year program). He & Annie are excited for the adventures & growth ahead. Wishing you Peace and Joy this Christmas and always.

tour of the Vatican Museums, St. Peter's in the background
Mia, Anne, Taylor, and Macie at the Vatican Museums with St. Peter’s Cupola in the background.

We love and miss you all. We’re planning on traveling to several major metros in the USA over the next few years and would love to connect and reconnect with each of you. Let’s make this a dialogue and less of an annual(-ish) catch-up!

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