Monday Thoughts

Today is Monday (ha, Monday, string beans).

My last Monday at this office. I told Macia this morning while I was giving her her bottle, “Today is the last Monday I’ll have to leave you to go to work.” and we smiled. Then I added “and you’ll be stuck with me all the time.” She sort of smiled.. I am ready to be done.

This is the beginning of many “lasts” for us. Our last summer in Boston, the last months and days in our home of five years. We will miss this house. We have loved so much and so well and so many here.

It will be hard to leave. I will miss the leaves changing and the welcome cool moisty-ness of autumn, sleeping with the windows open under fluffy warm blankets.

But also, of course, this is the beginning of many firsts, too. We will baptize our first child this month. We will celebrate our next anniversary without finals for the first time! We are very excited.

Many things are coming soon. A baptism, a wedding, a big move, new faces, old friends, more friendships, many goodbyes, new jobs, new opportunities.

I have so many thoughts, so many items on my to-do list, so much to say. I hope you can be patient with me as I parse it all out..

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