Fourteen Angels

I remember Momma’s voice. As time goes on after her death, much fades, but I will always remember so much of her voice. [Also, I thank God for all those cheesy home videos we have. It is such a blessing to hear her voice again, even if I know it’s only another memory.]

One of the songs she used to sing–not to us, really, but it was in one of the song books we had for piano and she’d play it for me occasionally–was the Fourteen Angels song from a Hansel and Gretel opera.

This is the prettiest version that I could find (ah, boy choirs are so beautiful), but these are the words as Momma would sing them.

When at night I go to sleep
Fourteen angels watch do keep.
Two my head are guarding.
Two my feet are guiding.
Two are on my right hand.
Two are on my left hand.
Two who gently cover.
Two who o’er me hover.
Two to whom ’tis given
To guide my steps to Heaven.

Lately, I’ve started to sing it to the Babe. I start much, much lower than either of these versions, but I enjoy singing it. It’s quiet and meditative. And it reminds me of Momma’s voice.

She still sings to me.. I am sure of it.



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    Made me cry. lagbd

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