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I don’t think I would have signed up without Viv doing it, too. I’d never done ballet (or any traditional dance, really) and the closest I come to graceful is when I’m on a crowded dance floor with sultry jazz thumping the beat to my West Coast Swing. Ballet that is not.

But this was danceFIT. It was almost a year ago when Taylor found that groupon. He sent the offer along to me and my sister and I each got one.

Our first class, taught by studio owner Gina Fay, both Viv and I nearly fainted. It was intense. We were so sore afterwards. So, so sore. But we had two months of unlimited classes, so we just kept coming back for more.

The neat thing about this studio is that there is a good variety of classes and a nice range of instructors. I like balletFIT best because of the wonders it does for my legs. After my two months on the groupon were up, I signed up for another batch of classes, and another. I felt great, and I was looking fabulous. I even bought an itty bitty bikini to wear last summer. And I wore it. And still felt great.

I was going to the studio two or three times a week for classes. I would cycle there (2 miles) and back (uphill!) most days. Breathing hard felt good. I could feel the burn in my legs every plie and every revolution on my bike. But my legs just kept on going. It was like magic.

Then, I signed up for Gina’s 6FIT program, a whole-lifestyle sort of program which focuses on exercising 6 days a week and recording what you eat and drink. I generally eat pretty well already, but it was good for me to see where I could add more fruits and veggies. Also, I am a tortoise when it comes to water. I store it and preserve it carefully, but I don’t drink enough. (Ahem, still working on that..)

Then we brought the Babe home. And my attendance at danceFIT fell by the wayside. At first it was because she was waking up at night and we were exhausted and adjusting to sudden parenthood. Then it was Christmas. Then it was New Years and back-to-work-and-school. But finally, I’m back at it. And I’m sore as heck today, but I was craving an apple during my workout last night and I thought to myself during those crunches: This is working!

Now for the best part. Last year Gina introduced classes via Skype. Yes–Skype! So I can get a great workout from home without getting a babysitter. Or, for that matter, mustering the courage to brave cold and bleak weather on my way to the studio.

This also means that folks on the west coast (or anywhere) can play, too. And I am extra excited because, having found exercise that works that I love, I won’t have to give it up when we move west. You can even do the 6FIT program remotely. I did mine program with a mother from California on my team.

So head on over to danceFIT today and give it a try! New clients get their first two classes for the price of one ($15). Do it, do it!

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