Her words are just exploding, though they are hard to articulate. She has morphed “cracker” into a back-of-the-throat “guh-cawh” and “avocado” is something like “clalala.” But she is talking. She mimics our sounds and the right number of syllables and is paying attention when we label things. Growing so fast..

She likes to holler at us from another room or in the stroller: “MAMA!” and we holler back: “Macie!” “MAMA!” “Macie!” Sometimes she draws out the syllables, enjoying the vowels in full volume: “DaDAAAA!” “Macie!” DaDAAAAAAA!” “Macie!”

I’m thinking about trimming her hair. Not a full cut, though, just a trim on the longer pieces to help make them as curly as the back. Also because she likes to smear almond butter through her bangs while she’s eating. Even if they’re pinned up. Oh, child..

She still loves to climb on everything. She likes to do chin ups on the side of the pool in our complex. She holds on to the wall and pulls her chin over the edge, squeals, then drops down until her tongue touches the water and either tries to drink it (ew–how do you stop kids from doing that?) or blow bubbles. Lather, rinse, repeat. She climbs the outside of her crib, our kitchen cart, on gates and fences, holding on with her hands and tippy toes, grinning from ear to ear: “Look at my muscles, Mom!”

I think she’s working on her two-year molars. I can feel bumps in the back of her gums. If she keeps smiling like this, you’ll be able to see them, soon, too.

Then she packs up her little purse with her keys and her ipod and waves “bah-bah!” All done.



  1. Cate Jones wrote:

    oh Annie…this is gorgeous! ๐Ÿ™‚ Loving your photos and words.

  2. Nathan wrote:

    My little girl is *never* going to get that big. Not possible. She’s enough of a handful as she is! ๐Ÿ™‚ SO beautiful, Anne.

  3. Elizabeth wrote:

    She’s just such a gorgeous kid! Her joy is infectious.

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