An Invitation


For renidemus is, first and foremost, an invitation.  An invitation to sit down with me, to read what I can offer you, and to offer your thoughts in return.

Let us smile together, let’s laugh at the fun and joy that there is to see in life.  They say that joy doubles when shared.  Let us let it abound.


renidemus is an identity I took on only slowly, almost incidentally.  All I wanted was an email address with no numers in it.  But as I explained what it meant, again and again, it took on new meaning for me.  It is, in many ways, who I always have been:  let us sparkle.  let us reflect and shine back.  let us beam with joy.

It is most certainly us, and not I.

I could have used renideo; it is pleasant sometimes to smile or laugh on your own.  But rarely do one’s sides begin to ache from laughter when one is alone.  Just ask my husband or my siblings–when we are together, the joy is more than doubled.  It becomes whatever-it-is-times-five.

How our sides do ache when we laugh together.

And it is more than just laughing or smiling side by side.  It is shining back, shining at one another.

I can’t do this without you.


So, come:  renidemus.


  1. Daddy wrote:

    Great start! Fresh, lively, light-filled. Good work. lagbd

  2. Anne,
    Could you get any cuter? Seeing you and Taylor so happy together rubs off on others. I look forward to following your journeys in life.
    (see you soon!!!)

    • renidemus wrote:

      Therese, i’m so glad we rub off. That’s what good Christian Love should do 🙂 can’t wait to see you all in a few weeks!

  3. Name * wrote:

    i love it! you’re so creative seester 🙂

  4. Susan wrote:

    Invitation accepted with joy and gratefulness. What a great description of what our lives can be with grace. May it be so!

  5. Summer wrote:

    I’ll follow you anywhere!

  6. Renee wrote:

    Ooo, gross don’t rub off on meee. ;-)Oh, the photos in this post are so flirty, and full of joy. Makes me want to go on a date. Oh wait, you’re rubbing off. Darn it. We are finally going on our anniversary date tonight. Say a prayer for us.

    I am excited to see where you all go. I am sad to see an era of you previous blog end. But, this new blog is much more you. Best bloggy wishes. laGbr

    • renidemus wrote:

      Oh, Renee, you like it when we rub you 😉 go on your date and dress pretty and wear fun shoes.. And take only a little purse 🙂

  7. Kay wrote:

    Beautiful new site! It’s so clean and fresh. I love it. One of these days I might have to switch over, too 🙂 Especially since Blogger seems to be having so many technical glitches. But anyway, you did a fantastic job creating this and I, too, am happy to continue ‘following’ you in your onward journey. Keep showing us your lovely photos and thoughtful insights. xoxo

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