I was a runner in high school. Yes, I was a proud member of the group that said things like “my sport is your sport’s punishment” (don’t ask me why that was cool–did it make us tough?) and “You run like a girl? Good for you.” and “Runners. Yeah, we’re weird.” We are weird. That’s for sure.

We do things like take pictures of nifty running shoes.

So when Taylor decided to pick up running and do the Seattle marathon a few years ago, I was all for it! Of course, I have never had a desire to run a marathon, and even less so now that I’ve seen Taylor finish one. [A close friend, after crossing the finish line of his first marathon, promptly threw up and launched into a discourse on why (willingly) completing a marathon is like the Passion of Christ. (After all, let’s not forget what happened to the first marathoner.) To Taylor’s “Christ” I was his “Mater Dolorosa” watching him push through mile after mile. It was tough.]

This year–this coming Monday, in fact–he is running the 116th Boston Marathon. Folks, this is something he’s wanted to do since we moved to Boston and watched the elites speed past while we sat atop a hill with wine and cheese and crusty bread. And this year he’s doing it. With a real bib number.

He’s got some sweet kicks from SKORA. Running forms, not shoes (ahem). They are made of goat leather. He can forego socks. There is plenty of room for his Hobbit toes to spread out. He loves them.

Team Red Cross accepted him as part of their group and he couldn’t be more pleased. He’s done a lot of work for the Red Cross in the past and is happy to be helping them again by fundraising via the marathon. Check out his donation page here–any support will help: donations, sharing, promoting, cheering him and his team past on Monday!

After all, his favorite little cheer leader will be there, too 🙂

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